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Discover Dance: The Quickstep - Series 2
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Discover Dance: The Quickstep - Series 2

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Heidi Cruwys, Simon Cruwys
Quantum Leap
Running Time:
50 minutes
Release Date:


U.K. professional ballroom dancing champions Simon and Heidi Cruwys present the best step by step, interactive guide to the Quickstep! They will teach you a series of three energetic and stylish Quickstep combinations. Each of these are taught in three clear stages:

Stage 1: Each step within the combination can be practiced individually.
Stage 2: The steps will be practiced together in proper sequence.
Stage 3: The entire combination is practiced to music.

The combinations are then repeated six times to promote muscle memory. You will be gliding across the dance floor in no time!

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Member Reviews

Nick S. - April 18, 2013

Discover Dance Combinations The Quickstep was a disappointment. The concept of showing the dance steps performed in a quasi-freeze frame manner, then as a counted sequential pattern, and lastly as a routine set to music is a clever idea. However, the execution is rather dry and boring. Each step is always shown from a static position and there is no commentary other than the naming and counting of steps. Direction on foot placement, body positioning, and step leading are all absent.
Details of the DVD -
In the DVD three routines comprised of five or six steps are demonstrated (across all three routines ten steps are demonstrated, viz., Quarter turn, Progressive Chasse, Lockstep , Natural Turn With Hesitation, Chasse Reverse Turn, Fishtail, Natural Turn, Backward Lockstep, Running Finish, and V- Six). The viewer is given the option to see the steps performed by the leader alone or the follower alone or together as a couple. The viewer can select to see the steps performed in slow motion (each step demonstrated three times) or as a counted routine (each set of steps demonstrated six times) or as a routine set to music (six times). Each routine lasts approximately 11 seconds.

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