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Nightclub 2-Step 101
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Nightclub 2-Step 101

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Joanna Trautman, Shawn Trautman
Dance Videos Direct
Absolute Beginner, Beginner
Nightclub Two-Step
Running Time:
56 minutes
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Nightclub 2-Step 101 features Shawn Trautman’s proven teaching techniques and style. All of the DVDs in the Shawn Trautman 101 Dance Lesson series are set up like a private lesson in the privacy of your home. By the end of the lesson, you will be comfortable with the rhythm and timing of the dance, connecting with your partner, and enough beginner dance moves to make you feel comfortable on the dance floor.

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Member Reviews

Robert B. - August 8, 2013

This is a very good DVD for very beginner dancers – it covers all the major aspects of timing, hold, lead, etc., without assuming anything from the viewers, so it could really serve as an introduction to dancing in general. Intermediates might find it a little slow - at the half-hour mark, the only step that has been covered is the basic step. The next 15+ minutes cover left and right turns, two types of underarm turns, and then the left turn with an embedded turn (an “inside roll”?), which I think is enough for anyone to dance a NC2S song without getting bored/being boring. The style of instruction is very informal, without a lot of dance terminology, so again – aimed more at new dancers than experienced dancers (thus the “101” in the title).
The dance style is a little “rougher” than the way I learned NC2S (in a studio). They mention that there’s a difference between “smooth” NC2S and “rhythm” NC2S or “disco 2”, so that could be why. (I’d compare it to how Cha-Cha is “rougher” than Bolero or Rumba; not “bad,” just different.) Probably related to the “rhythm”/”smooth” distinction is how the basic is performed, including the timing – here it’s quick-quick-slow (rock-crossover-side), vs. slow-quick-quick (side-rock-replace).
Even though I’ve had several hours of NC2S group lessons in a studio, I still learned a new move (I’d call it the “pass-by underarm turn,” but they just called it “another underarm turn"), and I got some variations on moves I knew and pointers/reminders on technique (plus learning an alternate way to do the basic).
Technically, the DVD is pretty good. The camera kind of wanders and zooms at strange times/places once in a while, but it isn’t a major problem. The music is a little loud for the speaker’s volume at times, but I got used to it – and the music is generally enjoyable, being “real songs,” rather than the generic muzak that some videos use.
Overall, I’d say this video is a good introduction to dancing or to Nightclub Two-Step. Advanced dancers probably won’t get much out of it; intermediate dancers could go either way. I thought it was worth the hour (plus pauses to take notes), but I often find I get little reminders and tips from intro videos, and even just a few good tips or ideas are worth an hour of my time. I’ll probably try out some of Shawn (and Joanna) Trautman’s other videos – especially for dances that I don’t have too much experience with.
As always: I recommend that you take what you learn from a video and try it out in a studio, with an instructor to help correct any parts you didn't get (whether you realized it or not). And if you really like a video, buy a copy, to further support and encourage the video makers!

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