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West Coast Swing (Int-Adv) Vol. 2
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West Coast Swing (Int-Adv) Vol. 2

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Gary McIntyre, Lisa Richardson
The Dance Store
Intermediate, Advanced
West Coast Swing
Running Time:
70 minutes
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This set is a fabulous introduction to the world of West Coast Swing, by four-time World Champions Gary McIntyre and Lisa Richardson (McIntyre). The set covers Beginner to Intermediate (Vol. 1) and Intermediate to Advanced (Vol. 2). Features emphasis on technique, leading & following and actual competition footage.

Gary and Lisa have won numerous UCWDC World Champion titles and are active competitors and instructors on the West Coast Swing circuit. You can watch them dance in the following video:

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Member Reviews

LJH - January 4, 2017

I wish I could rate this higher than a 3 – we liked the two disks well enough to buy them both, but the second disk has more editing issues than the first and it was too often unclear what was being taught. We finally just went “old school” and wrote down what was in each section – and within each section - to keep things sorted out and worked the disk like an science project. Too bad the VHS to DVD editing wasn’t done better, or, couldn’t have been done better. Oh, well… You never know what they started with…

There’s no list of “moves” on the disc – just “patterns” 1 - 6. After some useful connection exercises in part one, they then moved to the “patterns” in section 2 and 3 which rely, in part, on what was taught in the first disc, and, in part, on your being able to figure out, “This part is new – that part is just part of pattern 3.” Most of the instruction is a couple demo first, then each side’s footwork, and then a partnered summary where the pattern, or, part of the pattern is covered again. The editing isn’t consistent, however, and sometimes it’s all run together and you have a hard time finding what you want, or, knowing when to stop and review. We found it best to carefully walk out each bit as we went along – there just didn’t seem to be any other way to “get it” faster.

There are easier discs to learn WCS from... Michael Kiehm’s series has better lighting, is better edited, and moves along much better – and probably has more “common” moves on it. Gary and Lisa, on the other hand, typically present more difficult (longer) patterns that make you really dig into the content – and along the way, if you listen carefully, you do pick up some “nuggets” that will improve your dancing skills... As will going back and reviewing the connection exercises in section one as you “work” these patterns.

Pattern 6 on the disc is a “fun” pattern that they say is from Shag, but pick your version of Shag, or, Balboa, Lindy, Salsa, or, even Ballroom… It’s one of those “everybody steals from everybody else” patterns – and he admits you can do “something like it” if you want to take from them. It’s not much of a WCS pattern, but it is a fun kind of thing to do when you get tired of Sugar Pushes, Whips, Side Passes, and so forth…

Some people reviewing this disc found it a “poor value” based on the number of “moves.” Some found it “easy” and/or “fun” and zipped through it. Your mileage may vary. This disc will be a tough slog for beginners, useful but annoying to Intermediate dancers, and, “Interesting, but…” for Advanced dancers. Good luck.

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