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West Coast Swing (Beg-Int) Vol. 1
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West Coast Swing (Beg-Int) Vol. 1

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Gary McIntyre, Lisa Richardson
The Dance Store
Beginner, Intermediate
West Coast Swing
Running Time:
70 minutes
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This set is a fabulous introduction to the world of West Coast Swing, by four-time World Champions Gary McIntyre and Lisa Richardson (McIntyre). The set covers Beginner to Intermediate (Vol. 1) and Intermediate to Advanced (Vol. 2). Features emphasis on technique, leading & following and actual competition footage.

Gary and Lisa have won numerous UCWDC World Champion titles and are active competitors and instructors on the West Coast Swing circuit. You can watch them dance in the following video:

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Member Reviews

LJH - November 22, 2016

This is a “5” - if you give it a chance. It is a slightly dated (2005) “Beginner/Intermediate Disc 1” that’s followed by an “Intermediate/Advanced, Disc 2.” Being “dated” it takes a while to warm up to, but it’s a good learning disc – if a bit of a chore to get through.

The first problem - which can be ignored - are the dance contests from the 1990s on the first of the disc. If you’re not a C&W fan this might be seriously off-putting. And, what they’re doing isn’t all WCS, so you might not want to be bothered. On the other hand, it’s good dancing and they ARE having fun. So, if you have the time, take a look.

The second problem is that the menus are cluttered and difficult to navigate compared to newer and more streamlined discs. The amount of screen area given over to graphics vs. the amount of screen area given to a simple list of the contents is silly, then tedious. If you have a player that can back up 30 seconds at a time, you’ll be a happier camper…

Another thing you may not like is that it’s a bit dark, and a bit out of focus. It looks as if it was ported over from VHS, and/or, just shot with a not-so-great camera. Whatever… You do notice it being blurry and you wonder why they chose dark floors and curtains... But, maybe that’s just the floors and curtains (and cameras) that were common then…

The last thing you notice is that it’s not as straight-forward in it’s progression of ideas as “simpler” and shorter discs, but you notice this about the time you realize you’re still watching this because they really know what they’re doing when it comes to the “step-by-step” part of teaching you how to dance WCS, or, anything...

Yes, there are saving graces…

There are a series of patterns towards the end of the disc, following on “right-hand moves,” that make you want to back up and take another look at all the common six-count and eight-count stuff they’ve been going on about before now. “Those led to this…?” Flashy. These later patterns are a nice surprise on a “Beginner” disc and something of a “Final Exam” for your beginner-to-intermediate wings.

And, this disc isn’t that great visually, but because it is well indexed you can preview a section, give it a try, and then focus on who needs help where and with what part of anything. At first, this indexing might not seem as important as just seeing and copying “moves,” but it’s being able to find and see exactly what each side is doing – if you need it – that makes this disk very close to having private lessons; “Show me that again…?”

This is a bit more than a “Beginner” disc because it doesn’t just show you the dance in its most common parts and offer a few tips on how to get started, but it offers alternative steps and finer details too, which with the “extra” moves towards the end can move a hardworker from a “Beginner” to an “Intermediate” on one disc. Nice trick for a “dated” disc.

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