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Waltz (Bronze) American Style Smooth Syllabus
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Waltz (Bronze) American Style Smooth Syllabus

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Jenell Maranto, Jim Maranto
Dance Vision
Beginner, Intermediate
Running Time:
128 minutes
Release Date:


The Dance Vision Syllabus covers the dance figures that embody the primary elements of the dance. This program will enhance your knowledge of the steps and technique while progressing from one skill level to the next in an organized and fashion that is widely recognized. Jim & Jenell are former two-time U.S. Open Professional American Smooth Champions. This beginning to intermediate Waltz video covers the following:

• Posture, Frame, Movement and Dance Hold
• Box Step with Variations
• Progressive
• Turning Box (Left & Right)
• Balance Steps
• Simple Twinkle
• Two-Way Underarm Turn
• Face to Face – Back to Back
• Reverse Turn
• Natural Turn
• Progressive Twinkles
• Turning Twinkles
• Grapevine
• Promenade Chassé
• Fallaway and Box
• Twinkle & Weave
• Demonstrations

Dance Vision is the leader in instructional dance videos and consistently produces the highest quality DVDs using the best instructors. You won’t be disappointed!

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Member Reviews

Robert B. - October 5, 2013

This is an excellent video - one of the best I have ever used.

It includes lots of dance moves, along the whole spectrum from the very basic up through mildly difficult and complex. Instructors are very professional, but still friendly - not stuffy. Each dance move is first demonstrated (twice) by both dancers without music, then broken down into a demonstration of the guy's part, his foot work, and his timing, then the same for the girl, followed by a discussion of technical points, things to watch out for, etc., and finally the move is demonstrated by both dancers again (twice), this time with music. The descriptions are very good, and introduce and explain technical dance terms when appropriate. Some moves can probably only be understood by performing them with a partner (e.g., the Twinkle & Weave, in which the dancers' momentum interacts to power a pivot), but both dancers' individual parts should be completely understandable from the explanations. It should be accessible for anyone, regardless of dance experience, but is targeted more toward people with at least some dance experience who are mostly interested in learning the moves for Waltz, so it doesn't discuss some of the most basic or general dance principles, such as moving around the floor (maybe something like the "Anyone Can Dance" series for that), but that isn't what this series is for - it's to teach the Bronze Waltz syllabus, and it does that very well.

There were a number of times when I first saw a step done and thought that I probably wouldn't be able to do it, or would have a lot of trouble with it, but the instruction is very clear, so every time I found that with just a few walk-throughs, I was ready to try it out on the dance floor with a partner (and several times, the move worked the very first time I tried it). The demonstrations of steps 1-7 and 8-15 together is a nice addition, as it both shows how the moves can be fit together, and it gives the viewer a simple routine that they can practice that includes all steps. (Being able to improvise sequences of steps is important, but I know some people like to have a specific sequence of steps to fall back on, too.)

The only criticism I have of the video (and it is *very* minor) is that the demonstrations are done twice, but from the same angle both times. Doing them from a different angle would be helpful in a few cases. This is minor, though, and doesn't change my opinion of the video. Top recommendation.

As always: I recommend that you take what you learn from a video and try it out in a studio, with an instructor to help correct any parts you didn't get (whether you realized it or not). And if you really like a video, buy a copy, to further support and encourage the video makers!

Nick S. - July 20, 2013

Excellent DVD for someone who wants to learn social level Waltz steps. As usually, Jim and Jenell Maranto do a terrific job of teaching the dance steps. There is an introduction section that covers posture, feet movement, and hand and arm positioning. Techniques for leading the dance steps are covered in this section as well as when each of the dance patterns is covered individually. In each of the 17 chapters the dance patterns are first demonstated by Jim and Jenell . Then the man’s steps are explained and then the woman’s steps are explained. Each pattern is demonstrated three ways: 1) steps are danced with the beats counted out; 2) the steps are danced with the positioning of the feet described; and 3) steps are danced with the weight placement of the feet (heel, toe, flat) explained. After the patterns are reviewed there is a section where techniques required to dance as a couple are explained. The steps are also combined into routines to demonstrate how the individual patterns would look combined together.

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