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Tango (Silver) American Style Smooth Syllabus
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Tango (Silver) American Style Smooth Syllabus

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Jenell Maranto, Jim Maranto
Dance Vision
Intermediate, Advanced
Running Time:
114 minutes
Release Date:


The Dance Vision Syllabus covers the dance figures that embody the primary elements of the dance. This program will enhance your knowledge of the steps and technique while progressing from one skill level to the next in an organized and fashion that is widely recognized. Jim & Jenell are former two-time U.S. Open Professional American Smooth Champions. This advanced Tango video covers the following:

• Quick Right Turn
• Oversway & Rondé
• Fallaway Fan
• Cobra Fans
• Fallaway Rondé
• Spanish Drag
• Change of Place
• Outside Underarm Turn to Shadow Position
• Shadow Drag
• Swivel Fans
• Pivots to Fallaway Whisk
• Shadow Rocks
• Reverse Outside Swivel
• Traveling Right Lunges
• Same Foot Lunge with Rock
• Demonstrations

Dance Vision is the leader in instructional dance videos and consistently produces the highest quality DVDs using the best instructors. You won’t be disappointed!

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Member Reviews

Laverne O. - September 14, 2013

Very good teaching video.

Nick S. - July 20, 2013

Jim and Jenell Maranto are two of my favorite dance instructors. This DVD is for those dancers interested in adding additional tango steps to their repertoire. In all 15 steps are taught. Each step is first danced by Jim and Jenell . Then the man’s steps are gone over followed by the woman’s steps. Each step is demonstrated in three ways: 1) steps are danced with the slow and quick beats counted out; 2) the steps are danced with the positioning of the feet described; 3) and lastly steps are danced with feet weight placement (heel, toe, flat) explained. This is followed by techniques needed to dance as a couple. After every five steps, a dance routine of the five steps is shown.

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