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Synergy Skills for Blues & West Coast Swing
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Synergy Skills for Blues & West Coast Swing

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Myles Munroe, Tessa Cunningham
Blues, West Coast Swing
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:


** Due to the high cost and limited availability, this title is only available on Silver and Gold plans**

Learn puppeterring techniques for Blues and West Coast Swing with Myles and Tessa. This video breaks down specific techniques for connecting with your partner on a deeper level while also connecting with the music. The ability to connect with your partner and the music equals a profound dance experience.

Myles and Tessa are West Coast Swing Champions based in Vancouver, Canada. Together, they tour internationally, compete, perform, coach and judge at dance events throughout the world. They are best known for their creativity and innovative style on the dance floor. They are currently ranked in the top 5 according to the World Swing Dance Council. See them dance in this video clip:

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 14, 2016

A nice disc… It’s mostly a discussion kind of presentation, almost like a fun TED talk at times, with a few drills you can do “by hand” to learn the concepts discussed.

It’s a nice set of ideas, pleasantly presented, and well worth the time if both lead and follow will watch it together and try the drills. You don’t need a lot of Blues experience to see what they’re getting at here, or, to apply what you learn here to your WCS.

A short disc, many good ideas, well produced – and not a big investment of time or money… What’s not to like?

Shane L. - September 23, 2013

A great video that has a few exercises to work on connection. Tips include 4x4 connection and connection on multiple body points.

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