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Bravo Style Salsa: Beginner - Partner Combinations
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Bravo Style Salsa: Beginner - Partner Combinations

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Alfonso Caldera, Charlene Rose
Bravo Dance Company
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:


In this Instructional Salsa series (on 1), Alfonso Caldera will teach you his popular and sexy style of dance. After having mastered the foundations taught in Bravo's Beginner Level 1, you will continue with partnering skills, body movement, musical timing and rhythm. Detailed explanations of the steps and combinations will make your learning experience enjoyable and fun. This video lesson will get you ready to become a confident Intermediate level dancer!

• Step-by-Step Instruction
• Fundamental Steps
• Partnering Combinations
• DVD Menus for Easy Review

Alfonso is a World Salsa Federation and International Mayan Champion. As a dancer, instructor and choreographer, he has developed a unique style of West Coast Style Salsa, which you are sure to enjoy!

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Member Reviews

LJH - Sept. 13, 2017

This might not seem a “beginners” disc since they might seem, to you, to move through the material soooo quickly. But, they are in fact presenting many common salsa moves, stitched together, to create “combinations” that only look difficult.

Take the last “combination” on the disc, number six. Roughly noted, it reads:

Basic to Cross Body Lead to Open Break to Sneaky Hand Change with Guy's Hook Turn to Guy's Behind the Back Hand Break to Reverse Open Break to Flip Hand Lead Change to Lady's Wrap to Forward Rock/Unwrap to Side by Side Position to Lady's Spin…

A little more refined outline and explanation of the same thing looks like this:

A “basic” forward and back is a basic forward and back.
A Cross Body Lead is just a Cross Body Lead.
A Sneaky Hand Change is a Texas Tommie – in this case with the follow traveling.
A Guy’s hook turn is just one foot behind another for him to make a quick spin.
A reverse break is just both doing a type of rock step at the same time.
A hand flip is just a “cute” lead change from one hand to another.
A Lady’s “wrap” is just a name for wrapping, in this case, her arm around – her.
A Forward rock step is…
An “unwrap” is…
A Lady’s free spin is…

There is a bit of choreography that goes on – the lead and follow getting to particular places on the floor to make the “stitching together” of the moves work smoothly - so watch each sequence a few times before trying them (they’re short) to see if you can name each part and understand how they got to the next “known” part smoothly.

Presumably, Alfonso and Charlene are just showing you mostly what you already know, in more interesting ways. Odds are, some steps you’ll know and a few will be new, or, look new to you. Rewind, think about that “new” part, practice that new part, and do the sequence in “a, b, c” order, or, “1, 2, 3” order until you can “dry run” the thing – then try it to music. Yeah, and then back up and check your work before you try it again. ☺

The disc and the dancers are great to look at, and, all the moves are well indexed as to each move’s introduction, the guy’s part, and girl’s part, followed by a short demo. It could be a longer disc – the “moves” part is maybe only twenty minutes or so - but use that handy rewind button where you need it and you’ll be fine.

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