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Kevin and Jo: The Basics
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Kevin and Jo: The Basics

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Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent
Intermediate, Advanced
Lindy Hop
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:


Not only is technique super cool, but it's truly the way to becoming a better dancer. Well, guess what, compadre? You've stumbled upon the DVD that's going to change how you think about your basics. Are you ready to have your world rocked, one rock step at a time? F#%k yeah! This video is just pure awesome. One, it's great for all levels; no matter how long you've been dancing. Two, it gives you step-by-step solo and partner drills to make you a better mover, shaker, and connector. Three, it will help you better understand how to embody your role as a leader or a follower. Four, improving your basics is like wildfire; it affects everything. Don't just learn a move, learn how to build a foundation. A wise man once said, "You can lead a follow to water, but if you can't lead her to triple or rock step, what good are you?"

• Core technique
• Basic Solo Drills
• Basic Partner Drills
• Transition Drills
• Standard Figures

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 19, 2015

I wasn’t sure if this DVD was about attitude or style, then I decided that it was about both - THEIR attitude and THEIR style…. What it isn’t about is learning Lindy as a beginner.

As a workshop presenting ideas - their ideas - about how to dance, or, better dance Lindy Hop, this is an interesting half-day, or, perhaps full day workshop. There are some good ideas here, and they are both great dancers to watch, but as a “how to” for very much beyond ideas, I’m still not so sure. Well, it works for them, so it’s worth a look.

Excellent rental candidate for those wanting a look at some different “approaches.”

Shouldn’t be your first, second, or maybe even third DVD for learning at the start of your Lindy career. Needs you to have a bit of a foundation to make changes to…

Good luck!

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