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Kevin St. Laurent: For Leaders Only - Lindy Hop Styling for Men
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Kevin St. Laurent: For Leaders Only - Lindy Hop Styling for Men

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Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent
Intermediate, Advanced
Lindy Hop
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:


Kevin St. Laurent is "The Balls." As a globally renowned Lindy Hop instructor and hat tricker extraordinaire, he and his sassy (and silent) teaching assistant, Jo Hoffberg, will show you variations and swing out styling that will make other leaders envious. Get ready to expand your repertoire of fancy footwork and arm work that will make photographers click their cameras and followers squeak with delight. Indeed, this video builds on the layers of partnering technique that can be found in Kevin and Jo's 5-video Lindy Hop Technique Series. It has the potential to launch you to the next level of competence and provide a foundation of inspiration for leaders to develop their personal style. Warning: when used correctly, this video may increase one's desirability to followers from around the world.

• Partner technique
• Solo drills
• Partnered Drills
• Rock Step Variations
• Triple Step Variations
• Lindy Charleston
• Swingout styling
• Switches and Spins
• Bonus material: Hat Tricks

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 1, 2015

This is equivalent of several short Master Classes for more advanced Lindy dancers who are looking to improve further. It’s very well produced with good lighting and sound. The material* is generally covered very quickly, but it’s easy to back up and see and hear things over again. These are, for the most part, skillful “moves” that look good but which are often difficult to apply during social dancing – lack of room, lack of experienced follows, etc. These are, however, good for a jam circle, a show, or, just to practice so that your general skill level rises as you try them out. Be prepared to work a lot on any moves that you see and like - and for your followers to be alternately impressed and entertained. Kevin mentions several other disks like this that are apparently more extensive. They are probably available at Danceflix too - and probably worth viewing next. Good luck!

*Adding and working rock steps, triple steps, kick ball changes, Suzy Qs, Spins, etc.

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