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Argentine Tango Musicality Seminar
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Argentine Tango Musicality Seminar

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The Color Tango Orchestra
Librero Multimedia Productions
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Argentine Tango, Movies & Documentaries
Running Time:
120 minutes
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A Seminar for Tango Dancers and Tango Music Lovers. Take an exhilarating tour through the evolution of Tango music as these talented world class musicians elaborate on the role of each instrument and how it contributes to the essence of the whole Tango experience.

Discover the birth as well as the various stages of Tango from 1880 to 1955, and how these stages were directly related to the ever-changing social situation in Argentina. The stages: "Tango Origins", "Old Guard", "New Guard" and "The 40’s Guard".

An informative and inspiring seminar by one of the most extraordinary Tango orchestras in the world... The Color Tango Orchestra!

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Member Reviews

LJH - June 1, 2017

The history of Tango isn’t any secret and the basic outline of this DVD’s content is close to what you’ll read of Tango, and it’s music, on Wikipedia. Included here is the music, presented as different musicians and orchestras played it at different times, and using different instruments and so forth.

I have some friends who’ve traveled to Argentina to dance and they swear it’s not uncommon to corner “Tango Tourists” for an hour or two of a “History Show” - much as it’s presented on this DVD. Could be…I do know it was a bit long and while I expected there to be a Spanish sound track and/or an English sound track, I was surprised, then annoyed, that the main speakers speak Spanish – and then there is a pause while someone else speaks the same lines in English. Not fun. Not fast. And, yeah, “touristy.”

There is a nod, here and there on the DVD, about the importance of “the dancers” knowing and understanding the music they are dancing Tango to… What’s not talked about is that different Tango steps and dance styles went right along with the music at the time it was played then. That would have been a good thing to mention to “the dancers” so that they might pick up sooner on why it’s “OK” to dance/step to the music they hear – even though it’s not what they were listening to in class, or, usually practice to...

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